Access filesAnywhere
Sync your files across all your computers and mobile devices, access your documents anywhere at any time.
100% SecureFile Storage
You can relax knowing that your files are safe and sound stored in the cloud with us!
Backup foryour Business
Protect all your company files and computers and easily share files with employees or clients.
Simple. Safe. Secure. Remember it's not if it will happen, it's when it will happen!
Enterprise level solutions for a small business price. No matter the size of your business, we have a worry-free backup plan to meet your needs.
Advanced resource management detects when you are using your machine and reduces CPU and network use until your system's resources are available.
Flexible solutions include instant cloud-based disaster recovery, secure private cloud backup, or hybrid deployments for the best of both.


Backup all your company's desktops and laptops with unlimited data.


Simultaneous Local and Cloud Backup. Our solution offers onsite backup for fast restores and offsite backup for disaster recovery.

Scheduled backups

Scheduled and customized secure backups allow you to restore all file types, including system and application files.


Backups for Business works on all major operating systems, including Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms.

Manage multiple machines on a single account

Easily manage multiple computers on a single account and add storage at any time. Set storage quotas for each of your computers to manage groups and data usage.


Secure your data with the industry’s highest standard, 448 bit blowfish encryption and optional compression, which provide you an additional layer of security.

Storage on your terms

Safeguard against accidental or malicious data loss by keeping your backup files for as long as you specify.


About Us


Our data is housed in a world class data center, with low bandwidth utilization and high server availability at LSI. Based on Code 42's backup engine, Backups for business has been providing enterprise level secure backups for small to medium size businesses for the past five years.


  • We had a client's hard drive in their Dell desktop fail. We connected to their remote (backupsforbusiness) account with a new machine and had their critical Outlook files restored in a few hours..

    Macalchemist - IT consultants
  • My IT guys saved my bacon with this backup system ...while finishing a shoot in New Zealand my Macbook suffered a fatal hard drive collapse. A drive recovery was estimated at over $2500.00 USD with no guarantee on getting the data back intact. Our IT dept was able to put in a new drive, connect to my backup account and restore all my documents, including the ones I had been working on while on the road. Until you've been through this you don't know the relief involved, because losing the information on your computer these days is like losing weeks of your life if you need to retrieve it the hard way. Trust me, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER. It's the best money you'll ever spend.

    Gus R. - Balance Vector Productions
  • ...a break in happened at our premise. The thieves ignored all the other valuables and only took the computer equipment. Luckily we had also backed to the offsite backup server.

    New School of Cooking


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Our data center in Kent, Washington is licensed, bonded and secured with 24/7 monitoring as well as redundant power and network connections.

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